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It felt like yesterday … the Windhoek Gimmies Class of 2010 became the second matric group to graduate from this prestigious school. They were a class to be reckoned with – motivated, dedicated, self-assured – and left the school with their futures bright before them. Now, ten years later, they stayed true to their determined nature and showed us all that nothing, not even the COVID-19 pandemic, would prevent them from celebrating their reunion!

Plans were made, invitations were sent out and on 3 October, the alumni returned to the place where the foundation for their current success was laid – Windhoek Gymnasium.  Maybe some of them were a little nervous at first; what if a teacher should scold them for not achieving high marks or what if their friends told embarrassing stories about their school days? All the worries were soon forgotten and everyone was ready for more memorable moments.

The evening started off at the clubhouse, which was decorated with photos from the matric farewell – a delightful icebreaker. The alumni greeted one another and reminisced about the good old days over canapés and welcome drinks. After everyone was reacquainted, the group was taken on a tour of the campus by two of their former teachers, Mrs Bianca Rehder and Mrs Marie Smith, and were amazed by all the changes that have taken place since they last ruled the school.

To help the alumni feel more at home, Mrs Rehder and Mrs Smith sat them back in the school benches and taught a class. It was evident that the alumni had indeed become a lot ‘smarter’ than they were in 2010 (even though some would have preferred their matric test results to remain a secret). The class led to a lot of laughter and fond memories. After working so hard in class, ‘learners’ obviously deserve a break; and so it was time to head back to the clubhouse for dinner.

Hannelie Bredenhann from the Biltong Queen Eatery (who also stacked the canapé table with delicious eats), prepared a feast for the Class of 2010 and the alumni and staff socialised until late; after all, what could be better than catching up with familiar faces?

When the evening finally drew to a close, everyone agreed that they cannot wait for the 20-year reunion – another event will have to be organised way before then.